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Things You Should Know Before You Sip

The Benefits of Adding Milk to Your Tea

*Studies have shown that by adding animals’ milk (cow or goat) to your tea, it reduces the staining of your teeth. (Caseins, which are the main proteins in milk, bind to the tannins in tea, which are responsible for staining the teeth and prevent them from sticking to and thus staining the teeth) Experts say that the milk doesn’t take away from the health benefits of the tea because they separate once in the body.  The higher the fat content of the milk, the better the anti-staining quality! So unfortunately, soy, almond and other “non-animal” milks do not qualify for this anti-staining regimen.

The Effects of Caffeine on Our Teeth

*Caffeine accelerates the breaking down of enamel on our teeth. It also increases the tension within your body and causes an increase of jaw clenching, which can lead to grinding and wearing down of the teeth. Most caffeinated beverages such as colas, coffees and teas contain stain-inducing properties as well. It’s best to limit your intake of caffeinated drinks, but at best, be sure to brush your teeth as soon as possible after having them!

The Snacks You Should Munch on, if You Drink Fruit Juice or Wine/Alcohol

*Acidic fruit juices, wine and other alcoholic drinks wear away the enamel of the teeth and can become harmful to the both the teeth and gums, causing increased risk of decay, discoloration, disease and a heightened sensitivity in the mouth.  If you are going to consume one of these beverages, moderation is key, as well as adding certain snacks that counteract the acidic concentration in these drinks will help lower your exposure to the acid.  Some good foods for this are cheese, nuts and crunchy vegetables such as celery.





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