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By Michelle
September 30, 2011
Category: Training
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Dr. Alpert and staff are proud to announce the completion of an Advanced CEREC © restoration course. Dr. Alpert has been one of the few offices in this area to offer this technology.  The CEREC© CAD/CAM machine enables us to complete a restorative or crown procedure in just one visit.  The process is very simple.  First, Dr. Alpert prepares the tooth by taking a picture with the special infrared camera, which captures a 3-D image of your tooth into the computer.  The windows based software allows us to design your tooth in a matter of minutes.  Next, the tooth is milled out of a ceramic block that perfectly matches your tooth color right in the office.  Finally, the restoration is bonded in and polished to completion.   There are many benefits of the CEREC© restoration.  It is the very best technology in existence today, it is a more conservative preparation, looks and feels and wears identical to enamel, it mimics natural tooth structure, will not damage opposing teeth, and there is no thermal expansion, like mercury and composite fillings which equals no sensitivity.  We encourage you to take the next step with CEREC© dentistry and change your smile for a lifetime.  If you are interested in more information about this amazing technology, please contact our office at 248-682-6010.




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