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October 01, 2014
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Tags: Oral cancer signs  

Oral cancer often starts as a tiny, unnoticed white or red spot or
sore somewhere in the mouth and often goes unnoticed until it has
metastasized (spread) into another part of the body. It can affect any
area of the mouth including the lips, gums, cheek lining, tongue, and
the hard or soft palate. When found early, oral cancers have an
80 to 90 % survival rate. Dental professionals can act as a first line
of defense in the early detection of oral cancer. Your CDA member
dentist includes oral cancer screening as part of a routine oral exam.
Knowing the early signs can increase survival. Early signs include:
•  A sore that bleeds easily or does not heal
•  A color change of the oral tissues
•  A lump, thickening, rough spot, crust or small eroded area
•  Pain, tenderness, or numbness anywhere in the mouth or on the
•  Difficulty chewing, swallowing, speaking or moving the jaw or
•  A change in the way the teeth fit together 




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